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Planning & productivity are hot items. there were over a 157 million searches for "planning ideas" on Pinterest last month (5/19) . Our affiliates get access to evergreen, seasonal & trending products that will keep your readers coming back for more.


Digital planning is an underserved niche. We all know how crowded the bullet journal niche has become, shift your focus to digital planning, digital bujo & digital art. There just is not enough content out there to keep up with the growing demand. Establish yourself as an expert and influencer in the digital planning, bujo & organization. Our affiliates get access to hundreds of products to use in the creation of unlimited content to share with this hungry niche.


Digital planning can be an expensive hobby, the average digital planner costs $20, digital notebooks are about $8 and sticker sheets will run you about $2 a sheet. This adds up quickly. We are the first subscription site to offer UNLIMITED downloads of digital planners, notebooks, journals, stickers, sheets & workbooks. Your readers want to hear about this. For just $49 a year they can download to their heart's content.


Be the first to start a micro-niche. You love planners + you are a teacher (nurse, stay at home mom, etc, etc), use that to create a digital planning micro-niche that you will automatically be the leader of. There aren't many opportunities anymore to be the first at anything on the internet, but digital planning is in its infancy so not many microniches have been claimed yet. Don't wait....this is one of those moments you will kick yourself for in the future if you don't act.


Giveaways are a great way to grow your email list. Especially if that giveaway includes hot items like digital planning & bullet journal tools. Our affiliates have access to a new giveaway every month. Set it up as an opt-in bonus, give it away to new followers on social media or as an exclusive gift to your list.


Wouldn't it be great to get more than you expected? Our download catalog grows each month. We add new, seasonal & trending items every few weeks. Your readers will get more than they paid for as the collection continues to grow during the year. You'll get more than expected too because when your reader's plan renews next year you will get paid again. Straight up paid, every time your referred customer renews their plan. That's passive income, baby.


We don't compete with our affiliates. Hey, we figure we should leave blogging to the expert and that expert is YOU. The only blog posts we write are for our affiliates. All of our marketing is done through our blogging affiliate partners. We've dedicated our entire advertising budget to YOU. We split the purchase right down the middle. That's how valuable YOU are.


Bonus reason:

We allow our affiliates to use their commission on their own membership subscription. Yep, you get a commission on every sale, including yourself....and you get it every time you renew too. Just make sure you sign up as an affiliate before you purchase so you will have the discount code to use at checkout. 🙂

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